How one decision influences things

Our original plan regarding our move to Calgary was to sell our house, pack up everything, send it off with the movers and for us to take an extended trip out west at which point we would either look to purchase a home or rent one.   If we had gone with this plan we wouldn’t have been able to move to Calgary at that time due to the recent flooding for it is hard to believe that now there were would be any properties, rental or purchase, available or ones we could afford. It is fascinating how one decision can change your whole life.

It was actually my parents who influenced me to get on a plane to go look for a place back in April. They were worried that waiting until we got out there would be too stressful, but it is not like we didn’t have a place to crash for a couple of months if needed, as I have my sister out there.  Who knows maybe they had a sixth sense that something was to happen that would have made it difficult.  They are not known to have these special powers but I am not going to question anything now.

So back in early May I went out for a week to look for a place and ended up buying a house that has not been affected by the flood due to its location in the city. Although it is inner city, it is not near any water and is on flat ground.  The current owners are fixing up a house right now and thank goodness they should not be affected as well. If this house was in one of the many areas I don’t know what we would have done, probably would have had no choice but to back out of the deal.

I have delayed writing about Calgary for I felt that it wasn’t my story to write about so soon. I wasn’t the one in immediate crisis or hardship mode and for me to express concern about my future house and other long term implications would only be selfish given that we have a roof over our head and all the amenities of a comfortable life. Having said that I have been following the coverage like no tomorrow and I am just floored at what has happened in areas that I only became recently familiar with. When I did the Jugo 10k race, I ran through many of the areas that were hit hard and honestly can’t imagine what the city must be going through.  Down below is just one image of an intersection before and after the flood, incredible.

I absolutely love to read and hear about the amazing stories of neighborhood teamwork and the generosity of so many people within the city and from other parts of Canada volunteering their time or resources to help those in Calgary during this clean-up time.   As much as none of us likes to experience such devastation, sometimes the aftermath can bring this crazy human race a little closer than would otherwise be possible.

There is no question we will experience some challenges once we arrive for we do need to figure out how to make the place accessible and I can’t imagine the process right now to get a permit, materials to build things, and a contractor.  Again in the grand scheme of things this is nothing and we are not letting our mind worry about any of these details that we can’t control right now. They will work themselves out over time and hopefully everyone will be receptive to a little creativity come September should we not have everything in place to support Reilly getting onto the bus in her wheelchair.

Before the flood By Leslie Young

Before the flood
By Leslie Young

Same intersection, after the  flood. By Lesley Young.

Same intersection, after the flood. By Lesley Young.


One thought on “How one decision influences things

  1. It’s strange because being from Edmonton you never really think that these ‘natural disasters’ will affect us since we typically dont get a lot of them like many places in the states do. Very humbling to say the least.

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