A good friend of mine has a birthday at the end of the month and our 5.00 am running group wanted to do something special for her. The idea was great but making it happen was a logistical feat, namely because her schedule is touch and go in terms of availability. After dozens of emails tossing out dates that worked for 5 of us, we finally settled on a date (last night) that coincides with our running clinic night for that would increase the odds she would be out.  We came up with several plan variations and had to be adaptable right to the last minute. Our friend arrived for the clinic night, so goal one was accomplished. Tentatively we asked her what time availability she had and she said she was good for a shorter run (i.e. 10k) tonight, of course she had no idea why we were asking. The agenda for the entire group was about an 11k run, so the 5 of us quickly decided to do a 5k run and then take her back to the store and simply tell her we are taking her for dinner for an early birthday treat.  So off we went with the rest of the group, then we headed right at 2.5k as the rest of the group headed on wards. I know we confused some of our other running friends in the process.   We managed to get close to 5k in and all during this time our friend never questioned our deviation for she is just easy going and if we only wanted to do 5k, that was good for her.  Then we told her the reason for cutting it short and she was thrilled. Our friend is a very humble person who doesn’t like much attention so our plan could easily have backfired with her back peddling out of the next step but she was a good sport and let us take her to dinner.

At dinner there was 6 of us and between us all there is over a 20 year difference between the youngest and oldest member of this group.  It is truly amazing that despite the differences in ages and stages in life, we have developed such wonderful relationships with each other and others in the running community we belong to, that now go beyond the simple act of getting together to put one foot in front of the other.   Over the course of the dinner we shared so many great laughs and I left with not only a full belly but a full heart knowing that I am part of such an incredible group of women.

This has so much meaning for me, for it has only taken me 37 years to arrive at this place.  The journey is still to continue but the one ahead is fully paved instead of the rock path that lay before it.



Right now I am writing this post one day before I have an interview for a new position.

I want this job! I want it not because I desire an out with my current position but rather because I honestly feel this new position is a great fit for me. I do believe there are other great positions out there for me and that this is not the only one but this is the one that is on the table right now and I can honestly say it packages up a position that draws on a lot of my strengths and past experiences within an industry that resonates with me. I would not be settling within this role nor would it be a role beyond my capabilities. It is one that I would be able to contribute in right away but yet still learn from my team and the opportunities that unfold within this position.

A collage of words from the job description (mixed up):

Manager, LEADERSHIPeffective customer interaction skillsstrives for successservice oriented, sound business knowledge and judgement, coaching strong organizational skillsmanage deliverables,  technical capabilities, communication, effective operational procedures and processes, hiring, facilitation skills, direct customer engagement, INTERNAL TEAM BUILDINGmanage expectationshighly motivated, engaged teams, performance managementdeliver consistent and quality serviceskill development, improvements and change initiatives.

Did I say that I want this job? I do. I believe that I would excel in this job and that it will allow me to be me. I am sending out positive vibes to the two individuals that will be conducting the interview tomorrow and creating the positive vibe within me today to carry forward to tomorrow. I can see myself reviewing the offer next week and signing it back. It is all good.



I am now a firm believer of the Law of Attraction and it all started with a massage appt a few weeks ago with a new massage therapist to work on some overly tight leg muscles from running.  The first few days following the appointment there was a flurry of activity, it was almost like the universe was saying “I am going to give you lots of signs in case you miss one, to start the awakening process, for up until now you have missed all the previous ones and you are not on the right track”.   Well I can’t say for certain I got all of the signs being delivered but the ones I noticed were so obvious that I don’t think I had a choice but to wake up and recognize that there is a different way of “being”.  I can’t say that just because I am tapping into this new energy force, the last few weeks have been a breeze. For I have to process and deal with a lot of challenges but I do feel that I am on the right path now.  It is definitely exciting and I can’t wait to see what else unfolds before me in the coming months.

One of things I have sent out a message on is a new position.  I have been with my current company just shy of one year and unfortunately it is not a good fit for a few different reasons.  Having said this though, I have learned so much this past year about who I am, what I should be doing and what I need to be doing.  Outside of the reasons why I am looking for a new opportunity, I feel that I have trapped myself in the past dwelling on what I should be doing based on society’s notion of success or ideal or what others are able to do.  The truth is that all of our circumstances are different, even within the same neighborhood, the dynamics, the challenges, etc. that go on behind each door could be as varied as the colour wheel.   It comes down to being authentic to yourself and as a family unit and defining your own vision of success and fulfillment.  Not an easy task indeed.

A little climb

A few months ago I purchased a Wag Jag at a Rock Climbing place nearby.  Mike and I have never done such a thing together and we figured we would give it a go. It almost never happened though for I totally forgot about the purchase and it expired today and I only made the reservation Sunday for last night. Phew!

So we arrive and get fitted for extra tight rock climbing shoes. Apparently the tighter the shoe the better so discomfort is a good thing. Really? To the girl who buys her running shoes 1 size bigger to avoid any black toes. The good thing is that when you started climbing you forget that your feet are uncomfortable for your focus is simply trying to stay attached to the wall in the name of fun.

During our session we practiced learning how to tie a Figure 8 knot and once the instructor was confident we got that down we were able to start climbing. The instructor was great with the instruction and both Mike and I learned how to belay each other.  Admittedly I was nervous about Mike belaying me when the instructor was around for he is not a multi-tasker and when they started talking to each other I feared that his focus was not on me.

Once we demonstrated that we could successfully belay each other, we were on our own. I don’t think we exchanged more than a dozen words each during the whole exercise for we were both so deep in concentration not wanting to fail each other.  Since Mike is 6’3″ he made it effortlessly up the wall each time. I found the whole experience tough. My forearms were very sore during the session even though I tried to use my legs to propel me up.   I also have sweaty hands so at times it was difficult to get a grip and out of the 6 or so times I went up, I think I only made it to the ceiling twice.  I definitely would give it a try again but I won’t be the one to initiate it, and if I never rock climb again that is okay with me.    At least I now know how to create a couple of knots and you never know when they might come in handy.

Thursday – Running Recap

I am still not back to my running fitness level prior to getting sick in spring. I have never experienced such a long recovery despite having to come back from many previous respiratory illnesses.  I just need to continue to remind myself that at least I am out there trying, it sure doesn’t help that I keep on sabotaging my eating regime which is another topic on its own.

Here is a brief recap of my running week so far:

Tuesday 5am – approx. 9k sans Garmin

Wed noon – first work lunch run this year. I probably ran 6k and decided to try my Vibram 5 finger toe shoes which was not a pleasant experience. I am going to try again but will need to ease into them with much shorter runs for I developed a blister within the first 2k that made the rest of the run miserable.

Thursday 5 am – approx. 8-9k sans Garmin. I actually brought my Garmin out but forgot to turn it on, doh!

I have been running in the same area for over a year now, and it is along a path in the heart of a little urban city. In the past you would see the occasional fox or rabbit but this year I am literally running into a lot more ‘wildlife’ which is a nice treat. In the last 6 years I have only come across 1 turtle in my running adventures but in the last 2 weeks, this is the 4th turtle I have seen.  Truthfully this is about as wild as I want it to get into terms of running into other wildlife.

Why you will quit your job this year

This paragraph has such meaning to me and should apply to everyone and every aspect of their life.

5) You know there’s something more to this life, and that you deserve it

Finally, you know that this unhappy job (and simply paying the bills each month without any joy or fulfillment in your work) is not all there is to life.  There IS more, and you’re hungry for it.  The bell has been rung.  Further, you know that you deserve it, because you understand that everyone deserves a fulfilling, joyful and successful life and career.  You will get it because you will design it that way, from this day forward.

Will you be one of those who stays in your miserable career or job, or will you decide that this is the year you will finally do something about it, and leave?