The Storyteller

the-storyteller-395Despite not feeling well yesterday I dragged my sorry butt out of bed to run a few errands, one being to Costco.   Even though I didn’t need to go down the book aisle I always do for I love to see what books are available and although it takes great strength not to purchase, sometimes the act of just looking can be quite satisfying.  My will power was shot thought when I saw a Jodi Picoult book, The Storyteller, and put it in my cart without hesitation.  I justified the purchase by claiming that it would become a Christmas gift for my mom or one of my sisters, that is after I read it. I know they wouldn’t mind after I decontaminate it with my germs from being sick, lol.

Every one of Jodi Picoult’s books are incredible and this one is no exception.  Although all of her books are classified as fiction, the moral issues/dilemmas are so real. So real that many of us can connect first hand to at least to one of her stories if not to all by wondering what we would do/how would we react if found ourselves in the shoes of any of her characters.

In the Storyteller, Picoult weaves in the past of the Holocaust with such incredible detail that at times I wish that this part of the story was simply a figment of her wild imagination.  Despite having read so many stories in the past about what happened during this time, it is always difficult to comprehend the extent of what transpired. The evil as well as the incredible resiliency demonstrated by so many victims.

While I was reading this particular story it never triggered for me what position I would have taken if I were on the German side but rather the fate I would have had being a parent to a special needs child who ultimately would have been targeted during a round-up. A fate that ultimately wouldn’t have led to any subsequent stories.