This morning one of my fellow morning runners wanted to get in 15k as she is going away for the weekend.  I wanted to take it easy this week so I negotiated with her and one other friend to do an 8k loop where they could drop me back at my car and continue for the balance of the run.  We didn’t meet until 5.30 am which seemed like a sleep in, in comparison to our normal meet up time of 5.00 am.  Unfortunately the weather tides are definitely turning as it was a chilly 4 degrees out (celsius).  Although the cooler temperature made for a great run it is kind of sad to say farewell to summer, it is like bidding farewell to a good friend who is going on a trip for a few months, you will miss them dearly when they are gone and will relish their return. Well that is the same for me with summer. I will go into a little mourning period over the next few weeks as the weather teases us here and there with warmer temperatures and then I will have to say a final goodbye and make the best out of the few months before it returns back to me in the May time frame.


Thurs Run Club

Last night 8k at MRP (goal: 5:40/km) was on tap for the running schedule. It has been awhile since I have run in the evening and I thought earlier in the week when I worked out my schedule that we would see cooler weather at night but that was not the case.  Plus I have always found running Thurs evenings tough after a long day at work but I view this extra condition equivalent to those that might run with a weighted back pack to simulate race/event day conditions or to take ones training to an extra level. Either way race day will feel easier!

So here are the stats from last night:

2.25k warm-up  average pace 6:00/km

7.25k at MRP average pace 5:50/km

1k – 5:43/km; 2k – 5:32/km; 3k – 6:20/km (walk break, I know too slow of a walk); 4k – 5:56/km; 5k-5:40/km; 6k – 5:50/km; 7k – 5:47/km

2.25k cool-down average pace 6:08/km (I swear I was running well below a 6 average for I ran back with the Gazelle of the group – disappointing)

Overall I am not thrilled with the results of last night. The paces definitely reflect what I have been able to put into training so far so I really don’t  ‘deserve’ to be faster but it was another reminder that I need to get my eating under control and to really commit to my training.  I am definitely holding myself back, will need to probe this more later.


Biking Home

Yesterday morning I had my husband drop me off at my work place with my bike so I could bike home.  I hoped to get out of the office before 5 but didn’t end up leaving until 5.30 pm. In the end this was a great time to leave because it was much lighter at this time of day than what it would have been if I had left on time. The down fall is that it would put me at home 6.30 pm + and it would give me little time to spend with Reilly, so I was determined to give it my all and see how fast I could get home without the legs caving on me.

Of all the times my odometer gadget decided not to activate so I couldn’t track my average speed but I had a watch with the time to help spur me on.  There are quite a few lights on the way home but only a couple of points where I have to turn right and merge into traffic.  I was biking for no more than 5 minutes when I hit the first merge point and I had to quickly decide whether it was best to stop and wait for the light to change or whether it was safe to merge with traffic based on the clearing in between cars.  I hesitated (not a good thing) and before I knew it I was in a stopped position with my feet still clipped in and yup I fell. I fell into the sidewalk as opposed to the lane beside me and the only thing I really bruised was my ego. A young guy was standing 6 feet away, waiting for the bus, and awkwardly asked if there was anything he could do for me. Of course embarrassed I said no I am good and quickly got up right and peddled off, hoping I didn’t provide amusement to too many people.

In the end I motored home trying to finish in one hour but to the numerous lights I missed my goal by 3 minutes.  Not shabby for 28k and all the hills and lights en route. It felt great to end the work day with a ride, however, I need to work on the tension that builds in my shoulders when I ride.  Unfortunately Reilly was already in bed but awake by the time I arrived, normally she goes to bed just after 7 but with it being the first week back to school and no rest periods, she is definitely tuckered at the end of the day.  I gave her lots of kisses and had to pull myself away knowing that it would be selfish to excite her further and disrupt her need to sleep. To another day!



Today’s Note from The Universe



Juliana, do you know what it’s going to feel like when the day comes and everything you now want has come to pass? When you’re living in total abundance, in perfect health, looking fabulous, with friends and laughter wherever you go?

It’s going to feel like, “Yeah… of course.”

That’s how well I know you,
The Universe



Given that it was the girl’s first day of school I debated on sending out the email last night confirming who was in for our regularly scheduled  5.00 am Tuesday run but eventually decided that I could make it work without feeling too stressed or tired the rest of the day, thanks to my mom helping out this week.  In the end it was just Marlene and myself which was great so we could catch up.  Plus she is always so giving on the pace front where I can talk without gasping for breath.

Given that Marlene is completing a half-iron man this weekend, she only wanted to do 8k as opposed to our usual 10k which was just fine for me. No sooner were we 2k into our run when I grabbed her arm as I saw a skunk up ahead crossing our paths.  Now you will have to appreciate that at 5.00 am in the morning it is quite dark and if it wasn’t for the streak of white in its fur, we could have come right upon it before it was too late.  In all our runs to date we have never come across a skunk along this particular path and no sooner had we sighed some relief we came across ANOTHER skunk and carefully sidestepped or rather cautiously ran around it. Needless to say on the rest of the run we were under high alert for more skunks and were extra sensitive (at least I was) to any suspicious noises. I think we were so hyper aware and sensitive we got scared needlessly by a biker coming up behind and I also freaked out by some noises I heard in the bush, to the point I jumped aside.   It honestly sounded like some wild dog was coming out from the bushes towards us (minus any dog sounds). Don’t ask, I guess you just had to be there.

I am counting my blessings that our “run in” with two Pepe Le Pew’s was in the end was rather uneventful and not a story in the making.