Life List

The following list is a mix of career, family and personal accomplishments and experiences that I would like to make happen. There is no question that they might change over-time and as they do I will update the list accordingly.

1.  To be able to run around on a sod farm barefoot.

2.  To become a change management consultant.

3. Find a communication tool/strategy for Reilly that allows her to communicate her wants and desires.

4. Live in France for 1 month.

5. Live in New Orleans for 1 month.

6. Bike adventure in Holland.

7. Never have to shave/wax again – and not going au natural either.

8. Complete all Rock ‘n Roll Half or Full Marathons around the world

9. Long weekend yoga retreat at Kripaul

10. Bike trip in Utah

11. Achieve being in the best shape of my adult life.

12. Develop a consistent and regular yoga practice.

13. Pay off Mortgage by end of 2016.

14. *added 04/08/2013* – To witness the Northern Lights – the greatest show above Earth!


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