Vibrational Dissonance

Our house has been on the market for 7 weeks now with very little action.  Unknowingly and on the recommendation of our agent we listed the house originally at a price that ended up being too high but we quickly adjusted and then adjusted again.   Our house is now listed $35,000 CDN  lower than the original list price (we relisted last week to start the Days on Market (DOM) counter again) and I just phoned our agent to drop it another $15k as our last kick at the can.  The market is doing quite well in our community and most homes that are priced correctly are selling within a couple of weeks if not sooner

In my mind (and my husband’s), I don’t think the price has been the real issue but rather some unique features that exist within our home and the marketing that has been done so far.   First off we have a 4 bedroom/2 story home that is about 2100/2200 square feet plus a developed basement.  We bought the house 5 years ago and have put a lot of upgrades into it but we bought the home because it had a seamlessly integrated elevator that was built into the home that goes to every floor. It is perfect if you have any mobility issues and we have also used it for groceries, laundry and moving stuff between floors.  We also have a few door frames that have been widened to accommodate the width of an adult wheelchair and a complete wheelchair accessible bathroom – roll in shower. The good thing about all of these extra features it that they are blended so nicely that nothing screams disability.  Unfortunately the market that truly appreciates these features haven’t really come forward.

Although our house is listed as accessible on the MLS ad, I believe that most people don’t do this type of search for really how many homes have an elevator out there? I know no other is our community. So most people who have mobility issues would be looking at a 1 story, most likely Bungalow and not a 2-story. I am not sure how you get around this but we are at our wits end for we honestly didn’t think we would have this trouble selling the house.

It brings me to the concept that we attract into our experience those things with which we are in vibrational resonance. So the lack of closure on the house – does that mean we are in dissonance with the whole selling of the house?  We have been mentally committed to moving to Calgary for months now and have been doing everything one could imagine doing towards this end goal. Sometimes I have started to question whether I am unconsciously sabotaging this goal in a way I don’t know about or we wonder if maybe the Universe has another plan for us and is saying ‘I haven’t brought a buyer because you guys really should stay where you are’. It is very confusing.

Bob Doyle mentions in his book Follow your Passion, Find your Power that not everything about the Law of Attraction is based in the consciousness, in other words, it does not necessarily mean that consciously we are preventing a sale from happening and that there is some complex vibrational frequency at work that is causing the lack of action on the house.  Since I am not the most patient person I wish the Universe could give us a much clearer message on which way the wind blows on this huge life decision we were trying to make. If we are supposed to stay put there is no question we will embrace where we are at and make the best of it but it is hard to continue to plant roots and plan for the future somewhere else.  Help Universe?


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