I am envious of these Smartass Kids’ answers

funny-test-answers-smartass-kids-7 (1)

I came across an article posting some funny student answers this morning through a Facebook connection.  It had me laughing out loud at the incredibly funny, creative, ingenious, and even bold answers that kids wrote on tests, assignments and work exercises.  It also stirred something else within me… envy.  Yup, I know not a normal response.

I am envious for numerous reasons and here they are in no particular order:

  • Instead of leaving a question blank when a student didn’t know the answer they put something down, albeit, sometimes a smart ass response. Even so any response to me suggests spunk.   Although I did well in school I was never a good test taker and if a question truly stumped me I would leave the space blank – a previous all or nothing thinker.
  • Some of the responses definitely indicate the student had a great sense of humour (or I hoping that was the case on some of the responses as opposed to a belief that what they were writing was truly correct).  I will go with the former belief. Anyone who knows me can attest I missed getting the sense of humour gene and I know when I was younger I would be appalled to hear a fellow student take such liberties. Now as I am nearing 40, a little wiser, I wish I laughed more and didn’t take school so serious back then.
  • The innocence and willing to speak out on an issue demonstrated with some of the answers  (i.e. petting instead of hitting the dog)
  • The creativity demonstrated by how the student interpreted the question. I am sure some students innocently took a literal interpretation of some of the questions and others took advantage of the loop hole that was created by how the question was posed.  I am more envious of those that took advantage of the question wording and manipulated it to create a response.  To me it shows confidence, wit, and also a reminder for teachers and parents to not take life so seriously on issues that really don’t matter.

To see more funny answers, go here.




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