It’s good spelling but it Wobbles


A note from London, February 2014

Translation: Next time we go to MasterMind I will need some more Rainbow loom elastics. Colours are blue, yellow, and black. And two glow and the dark colours and I want red and green.  Love, hearts, and happy faces.

I absolutely love to read London’s notes for they are always entertaining given the spelling mistakes.  Mike and I call them her Winnie the Pooh notes for if you were to read any Winnie the Pooh book you will notice that it is full of purposeful spelling mistakes based on how some of the characters phonetically pronounce certain words. Winnie the Pooh in fact confesses that “(his) spelling is Wobbly. It’s good spelling but it Wobbles, and the letters get in the wrong places,” just like London’s.

I am told that in Grade 1 one of the focuses is simply to get the kids to write, to express themselves as much as possible, without focusing on spelling accuracy. It makes sense for if they were to get caught up in having to spell everything correctly it could easily intimidate or stunt a child’s want or ability to get their thoughts out. For now we will enjoy her precious notes as they put a smile on our faces and relish in the fact that she will grow up in an age of auto spell check.


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