Is there a rehab out there for a young Rainbow Loomer?

It is safe to say my daughter is addicted to Rainbow Looming. This past week we have experienced some very cold temperatures and the school has had to keep the kids in during recess and lunch.  They have been showing movies in the gym but a couple of kids in London’s class, including London decided to bring in their Rainbow Looms instead and as a result they have been allowed to stay in their class. Apparently this has spawned additional children participating with their own Looms or trying out London’s Loom. I love the fact that they are doing something creative instead of watching a video and hearing how much sharing is going on amongst her peers.  She has come home proud of what she has made for some of her class-mates and what she has also made for the family. You would think that after all the looming at school she would want to do something else at home but nope, every chance she had this past evening, she was making something new.

I went to tuck her last night at 8.30 pm and her Rainbow Loom divider (divider = storage device) was sitting precariously on her bedside table so I started to put it on the floor, away from her bed and she flipped out. She said she had to have it up on her bed-side table right beside her.    Earlier this week she said the same thing and when I asked her why she said she was going to get up early and start rainbow looming. I laughed for she is not a morning person and getting her up is often very difficult on the best of days. Last night she said she was going to try to get up early this morning  so I made space for her divider and proceeded to tuck her in. 

Since I was exhausted from a stressful day I then climbed into my own bed with Wally Lamb’s latest book and started to read. Mike was out this evening so when I started to hear little noises I knew exactly what was going on – instead of sleeping, London opened up her Divider and started to loom again.  I yelled out “London, you need to go to bed” and after a huge sigh she started to put it away and quickly fell asleep.

This morning the alarm came too soon at 6.20 am. It was Mike’s turn to aid Reilly in her sleep endeverous so that meant he spent most of the night in her bed, so I went to give him the bad news that it was time to start the day when I noticed London’s light on. Confused and bewildered I went in and guess what she was doing? Yup, making bracelets. I asked her “what time did you get up?” and she had no clue. Another way to figure this out would be to ask her what she had made so far.  She said “two rings and she was just finishing up a bracelet”.  Hmmm, given this I am thinking she woke up around 5.30 am. Crazy girl.  I must say I am impressed with her enthusiasm but if she keeps this up I might have to seriously look into a rehab facility for a Rainbow Loom addiction. Thank goodness her birthday is coming up so she could potentially replenish her inventory.


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