Project “2014”

2014 is a big year for the family in so many ways.  It is the year that both my husband and I turn 40, his birthday is in March and mine is in August. Last year it was my intention that I would be in the best shape of my life for my 40th birthday.  Well a tsunami hit this intention with no mercy as I slid backwards and backwards towards this goal and although many of the reasons were legit, understandable and even forgivable, I can not afford for them to take precedent this year. Not just because it is a monumental year ahead from a birthday milestone perspective but rather the success of this upcoming year is truly hinged on strengthening my physical and mental health.

It is also our 10th Anniversary.  Given what we have been through on the special needs front I believe it is worthy of an incredible celebration but it seems almost laughable at this point given that we have resorted to alternating our sleeps with our dear daughter but the plan is by then (August) we will have a shot at doing something a little more memorable than being ships passing in the night.

This is also going to be a pivotal year for all of us in redefining what is truly important to each of us when it comes to material items and how they fit into the bigger picture of what we want our life to look and feel like – short and long term.   The catalyst for this opportunity lies in the fact that we enter the new year jobless.  I left my full-time work back in March to contend with the increasing issues relating to Reilly and to prepare for the move.  Mike gave notice to his company in Toronto, after 15 years, and just finished up his employment before Christmas.  We prepared ourselves for a potential gap in income and will have to make some adjustments, some will be easy and some will totally take us out of our comfort zone.

In the end I want this journey to put us on a path where we truly feel a sense of family happiness and meaning instead of constantly feeling inadequate when we look at society’s traditional standards of success, especially when we  live in a city of great wealth and abundance.  So there is huge room for growth on this subject front and I know the sooner I can reconcile some of these thoughts, the sooner I can feel more comfortable and at ease with certain decisions and actions but also the sooner I can breathe comfortably without a tightness in my chest.


One thought on “Project “2014”

  1. Wow, big year ahead indeed! I look forward to seeing what you make of it and how things shape up for the Harris family. You – all of you – continue to inspire me to get the most out of this life. As you know, I still struggle to get myself back into shape. Would love to do this together and maybe we can both work towards FINALLY achieving the goal in time for your 40th.

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