Missing present

Dear Santa Claus,

I am sure you are enjoying some well deserved rest and relaxation right now after the whirlwind tour you just had delivering presents all over the world.  As a result I hate to even ask this of you at this time but I am wondering if you could check your bag just in case there is one  little forgotten present left behind. I am not suggesting that you are careless or forgetful but I can understand how this particular present might have been so small that it could have gotten hidden in the creases of your bag.

This present I am speaking of is something that my husband and I were greatly anticipating and looking forward to for some time.  We are very grateful for all the other generous gifts we received but this particular present was the one that we would have given up everything else to get it.  I guess you must be wondering how I could be fussing about one tiny package that never made it to me and if it wasn’t so important I wouldn’t be making such an inquiry.

This package you see contains some special sleep dust that your elves brewed together for us that when sprinkled on the head of our dear daughter, Reilly, would make her fall and stay fast asleep for a promised duration of at least 8 hours.   And that means both my husband and I can then sleep for 8 hours as well. Can you imagine the possibilities in getting such quality sleep? We are giddy with excitement on knowing what we could do after such a solid sleep.  At a minimum we would be far less grumpy and our coffee consumption would got down considerably.

sleep dust

Looking forward to your response.



PS. If the package is no where to be found, could you spare some of your elves for some night time relief? The going rate in my area is $15 unless you are registered as a private agency and then I can pay a bit more.



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