Another blast from the past

I am cleaning up files and came across some journal entries summarizing Reilly’s behaviours, I can’t remember if I was preparing for a doctor’s visit or just wanting to record a snap shot of how things were at a given time.  I am often asked when certain behaviours started, especially since I am now working with a new medical team on a few things and can’t recall specific milestones or dates.   Anyways it is certainly interesting to look back and see what issues existed at the time and are still with us and what has changed.

July 16/2008 (Reilly would have been 3 years, 3 months)

  • Gastro – undiagnosed issues
  • Acid reflux – put on Prevacid
  • Sleep – doesn’t settle easily, disturbed sleep, night-time awakenings
  • Shrieks/Screams/Cries
  • overly dependent on me
  • doesn’t like teeth being brushed
  • doesn’t do stairs
  • No words/signs or gestures
  • low tone
  • flat feet, severely over pronates
  • totally dependent on us for feeding/bathing/getting dressed/undressed/changing diapers
  • Sensory issues – stairs, heights, hair dryer, vacuum, inflating or deflating things but ok with generators
  • heavily reliant on Winnie the Pooh videos
  • loves bath time, being in the water
  • usually loves the outdoors
  • temper tantrums are exhibited when there is too much stimuli or not motivating enough (i.e. going to the zoo)
  • minimal play skills (tv, books, staring over at certain toys, swatting people (I forgot that she did that), objects
  • hand wringing started at 27 months, hand to mouth wringing about 31 months (November), this latter behaviour increases at certain times of the day – before lunch and bed and in the water
  • When she doesn’t like doing something she starts to scream, protest and thrashes her arms
  • knows how to turn both tv’s on and off and sometimes the stereo which has a small button (totally forgot about that, and yes she knew where the on/off button was for each of these and would repetitively turn them on and off, on and off, until we had to put furniture in front). 
  • Constantly grinds the floor – no pattern but a greater tendency after a BM
  • does not show visual recognition but does seem to favour me – will try to sit down on my lap or walk into my arms when upset
  • At 20-24 months, Reilly was doing some interesting eye rolling movements. Thought this might be a mild form of a seizure. Stopped though in May/June (25/26 months).

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