Small chuckle

Reilly doesn’t pick out what she is going to wear for the day.  Every time we have tried in the past to give her choices, she has showed great indifference. So right or wrong we just choose her clothes and she never seems to mind.

This morning was no different, I picked out her clothes and started to change her when London bounced into the room to say good morning.  I don’t know what made me say it but I looked at Reilly and said “I am sure you would like to pick out your clothes just like London, wouldn’t you?”

London said “I don’t pick out my clothes either” and smiled.

I laughed because it is true, London doesn’t pick out her own clothes.   She is so precocious at a lot of things but when it comes to clothes and understanding what goes together she freezes with indecision and when forced to choose she comes up with the most interesting combinations.   She doesn’t have anxiety over it but at times it is like we just asked her to read a foreign language book and she doesn’t understand what it says.  We have tried to work with her in picking out clothes but have resigned to just putting them out for her and realize that before we know it she will be gladly taking back the task and if she comes out dressed liked Punky Brewster so be it.

So I am not sure if London was consciously trying to create a bond with Reilly almost saying she isn’t missing anything, or was just making sure I was being accurate in my statements. Either way the message was clear, Reilly and London are no different when it comes to clothes.


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