Christmas Funk

From a business perspective, WestJet’s recent holiday surprise for more than 250 passengers flying to Calgary from Toronto and Hamilton was a genius move to boost its already stellar reputation within the Canadian flying community and even beyond.  For those that aren’t familiar with what went down, WestJet set-up a live video kiosk that connected them with a Santa Claus who would ask each and every one of them what they wanted for Christmas. The requests ranged from socks and underwear, to a tablet, to a big screen tv.

Upon receiving all the Christmas requests, WestJet staff in Calgary proceeded to buy all the items on the passengers list and wrap them in time for arrival of their flights. The passengers were then surprised at the luggage carousel when these beautifully wrapped gifts came down addressed to each of them.

I heard about it but couldn’t bring myself to watch it, crazy huh?  The reason being is that given everything that is going on with Miss Reilly right now I would have asked for the impossible…for my daughter to be normal or at least free from all these current hardships.  No material object can numb the situation right now, so my request would have put the staff in such an awkward position and certainly not have made the editors cut for the final video but my heart would still have been broken.

I finally saw it yesterday after my sister insisted I watch it but I never did tell her the reason for my aversion. Here it is for those that haven’t seen it, I can’t deny it is marketing genius at work.


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