Itch, Wash, Itch, Wash and Itch a little more


I don’t think I am alone on this but when someone has mentioned Lice in the past,  I have squirmed in my seat with discomfort.  My mind would then go in overdrive,  imagining something out of a horror film where you wake up and are covered with these bugs crawling out of your hair and pretty much turning you insane with anxiety.  Well anyone who has gotten a mild case knows that my vision is completely out of proportion to reality and that my active mind should be tamed. So you must know where this post is going now.

Our household got a case of it on Friday, specifically London.  Her BFF’s mom phoned Friday morning to let me know that her daughter was the latest victim of many from her class and that I may want to check London since they play so closely together.  Since we got the first notice from the school a few days prior, I was already checking religiously but of course would look again when she got home.

So up until Friday I saw nothing and I was repeatedly told that I will be able to see the nits on her hair if she has them and nothing. I even dosed her hair with Tea Tree Oil each morning as a preventative measure.   So once L got home from school I went into Baboon mode and yup she had a handful of creepy crawlers in her hair.  So either she had nits festing in her hair for the days prior and they just hatched or over the course of the day, these creepy crawlers jumped from someone else’s head to hers, even though I have read they really don’t have any athletic ability.   After seeing what they look like up close, I actually wasn’t grossed out much to my surprise and delight given that I would be dealing with this for awhile.  Maybe this is because I only found a few or maybe because I wasn’t infected, who knows.  So off I went to our local drug store to get the recommended treatment.  Of course the itching started in my own head and my husband’s and when I asked the pharmacist if we should do the treatment as well just in case she highly recommended not to unless we for sure had it.

Needless to say the sanitize function on the washer has been going non-stop since Friday evening.  I can’t wait to see my utility bill after this weekend of paranoid washing and high-temp drying.  The Baboon searches have continued all weekend, several times a day, and given that I have no prior experience with this I hope that I am doing everything I should to prevent another outbreak within this cycle.

Going forward I have read repeatedly that Tea Tree Oil is great for preventing lice, so last night I put a few drops into my shampoo and a few drops into my conditioner while washing my hair. Your hair stinks for a bit afterwards but as promised by the main emails I read by morning you don’t smell a thing which proves true.

Itch, Itch.





One thought on “Itch, Wash, Itch, Wash and Itch a little more

  1. too funny. Been there quite a few times. I think 3 times and once I got it as well. It is so NOT a big deal. Just a lot of laundry. I am a queen nit picker and proud of it…if I ever lose my job! Paula Sheppard Allturf Ltd. For the best turf. Period.

    Office: 1-800-263-1293 Cell: 705-623-0556 Fax: 705-431-0562

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