Kids say the darnest things

IMG_6478 R1The other day at dinner this little girl asked us, “how come there are very few men with blonde hair”?

We have no idea where this came from.

She then said “there are a lot of women with blond hair but not men”.

Under his breath Mike made the comment that “the curtains often do not match the carpet” and thankfully it was out of earshot of London.  Or else he would have been responsible for trying to get off on explaining that one.

In my head, I started scanning on all the men in my life – close and distant friends/family/former work colleagues and she is right there are very few men that truly have blonde hair but far more women who have legitimately blonde or dirty blonde hair.  I didn’t have a good reason for her.

Mike mentioned that there are more men with blonde hair from Scandinavian countries but that truly didn’t give any further clue as to the disparity in hair colour between the two sexes in adult life over here.

London’s 3 year old male cousin has very light blonde hair and apparently Dad also had the same hair colour when he was young and now sports dark brown hair.   It is typical for sure that as you get older your hair colour gets darker but going from pale blonde to dark brown is quite a stark change.

Well London, you have stumped us on this one. Go ask your teacher.



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