My Friend Huggles, a great gift idea


I apologize in advance for thinking about Christmas already but when you come across a possible gift idea for Reilly you jump at it no matter what time of year it is, as she is very difficult to buy for.  I came across this gift idea looking through Costco’s magazine that was sent to the home and it instantly intrigued me.  It is a My Friend Huggles doll.  I asked my parents if they wanted to get it for Reilly for Christmas and they jumped at the opportunity.  We ordered The Honest Mia doll for I thought it looked a little like Reilly.


The interesting thing about Mia and the other dolls is that she is 36 inches tall and the size of the doll is one of the reasons that attracted me to it for Reilly. Reilly has a lot of difficulties in grabbing things but a doll this size is something that she might get a kick out of.


The My Friend Huggles doll line has received a lot of recognition, not only has it won many children’s toy awards but it has been incorporated successfully into hospital and therapy environments.

Each doll has a different character-building value associated to it and the company not only encourages the doll’s owners to live the values bestowed with their doll but to also participate and contribute to increasing social awareness and change within their community. The company has further created a blog site, giving all doll owners the direct opportunity to share their experiences with others.

I am hoping that Reilly falls in love with the doll and it will give her comfort and security as she is subjected to one appointment after another in the months to come.  Something tells me it will be a hit but you never know.

Images borrowed from My Friend Huggles website.


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