Rock the House 10k Race Report

Picture is from the Rock the House web-site.

Picture is from the Rock the House web-site.

First off I didn’t get my goal time of 55 minutes, instead it was 57:08. There were certainly some learning lessons to be had with this race and some things that I just had to accept and literally run with.

Here are some lessons learned…

1)  Don’t have coffee on race morning.  Usually I don’t but the race didn’t start until 10.15 am and I thought there would be plenty of time to deal with the direutic affects. Well let’s just say I ended up going to the bathroom before we left, as soon as we got to the venue which was only 15 minutes away and then had to line up for the porta potties at the last minute. I literally made it to the start line with one minute to spare.

2)  Don’t do a stair workout two days before a race.  The last time I did stairs, I wasn’t sore the next day and so I thought that would be the case this time round.   Well… let’s just say my calves were screaming at me yesterday morning. However, I don’t think they impacted my performance other than my shins were a little tighter than normal for the first 3 km.

3) Don’t weigh yourself the morning of a race when you are not pleased with your weight to begin with.  I don’t know why but I stepped on the scale yesterday morning and to my shock/horror and disappointment I managed to gain 3 pounds overnight. I know this isn’t real weight gain but nevertheless boy did it play on my psyche thinking that the extra weight on top of what I am already trying to lose is literally going to weigh me down on the course.

Having said all that my lungs were tight from the moment I got up and I knew from the first morning breath it was going to be a ? on whether I could even pull an hour.  Unfortunately a bad head cold has gone through the house and somehow I am the only one that has managed to avoid getting “it”.  Usually I am the first one and get hit hard and it always goes to the chest for me given my asthma. I wasn’t sure if I was now getting this cold that I so carefully avoided up to this point.  So far I am still in fighting mode and would like to keep it that way until it gives up and moves on.

Putting time goals aside this was an awesome 10k course.  For the 10k event, you had to do 2 loops of 5k. I am not a big fan of doing anything twice –  running wise but I didn’t mind this course at all.  Maybe it had to do with the amazing entertainment en route – bands/singers/performers.  I could be wrong but I think they had someone set up every kilometer or less.  Plus the course had some great downhill portions that allowed you to make up some time with only one doable hill and I can’t forget mentioning the volunteers.   They were amazing in how they provided everyone with endless support and encouragement.  I am also grateful to have my family at the finish line cheering me in!

The only negative thing about the event was the start corral. Rock the House was sporting a 5k and 10k event with a mix of 1400+ runners/walkers/strollers/jogging strollers and a unicycle so I am told and everyone was mixed up in the staring corral. I was no more than 15 feet from the front and it took me almost 800 meters to get myself around people that really should not have been at the very front of the corral.  My only recommendation would be to either encourage better placement by time expectations, stagger the 5k and 10k slightly, or mini-wave starts.

I also have been very spoiled in getting medals with other events and to my disappointment only the kids doing the 1k got a medal. Their medal was en par with medals I have acquired in the past and I would have loved to snag one. I know it is silly to complain about this but for me it is a great physical memory of each event.

Overall, it was a great family event with bouncy castles/face painting/balloons and lots of freebies – McDonald’s food of course given this event is to fund-raise for the Ronald McDonald house but the healthy stuff, Cobbs bread, Marble ice cream, and lots of other little things.


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