Kids say the Darnest Things

While I was doing London’s hair in the bathroom she asked “Do we have meat inside of us?”
I said, “well our muscles are technically meat”.
She then asked “where do our ribs come from?”
Now here I am thinking she is wondering how do our ribs come to be inside us and so I answer “they grow inside us.”
Apparently I didn’t answer the right question as she immediately interrupted and asked about the ribs we eat.  So then I become confused for she is asking about our ribs and eating ribs in the same conversation. So not so delicately I ask her “do you think they (the ribs we eat) come from humans? How?”
She then cocked her head, stuck our her tongue to one side, closed her eyes to represent being dead.  I couldn’t keep my laughter in and said “NO, the ribs we eat certainly don’t come from humans.  They come from cows and pigs.”
Of course her reply, “oh okay” as if her inquiry was nothing more than being confused with pigs/cows and chickens. LOL.
At first I wasn’t sure why she would ever think we would eat parts of dead humans, trust me when I say we don’t practice cannibalism. However, I have to admit that I have joked with her for many years now that I would like to nibble on her leg for desert, as it is full of lean muscle, which she would recoil in horror, but I would always let her know that I am teasing.
In thinking through this further though we are probably like most families and don’t talk about where stuff really comes from, for all London sees is meat being nicely packaged from the supermarket and generic terms like ‘we are having chicken for dinner’ or ‘steak’ or ‘meatballs’ but for all she knows ‘meat’ could come from some crazy factory that recycles human parts – ooh gross.
Here is to greater education on the meat side of life!

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