10k Race around the Corner

My  memory is failing me as to when my Achilles heel injury happened but I am thinking around April.  It pretty much sidelined me until I got to Calgary at the end of July. It ended up being the longest stretch of inconsistent running since I took up running several years ago and thankfully I had my share fare of other things to focus on during that time.  Despite lots of physio/chiro and rest though the issue hasn’t completely gone away and although it doesn’t hurt anymore when I run, there are a few times during the day doing regular stuff that I am reminded that I still have something going on.  For this reason I have been so hesitant in my running and have barely been logging 20 km a week.

My typical week involves one speed work-out, one stair insanity night (5 sets of 167 stairs) and a long very easy run on Saturdays. I am certainly not where I was pre-injury and not where I wanted to be at this point but it is a start.

This coming Sunday I am doing a 10k race with some friends from my clinic.  Despite where I am at I am thinking it is possible to shoot for a 55 minute finish time.  This translates into a 5:30/km pace.  On Saturday we ran 7 km as part of our taper and I ran the middle 4 km at 5:35 so I think it is doable.

Last night I had us doing a warm-up, 8 x 200 meter sprints, then cool-down.  My results are as follows:

Warm-up:  2.34 km

200 meter sprints: 56.61, 51.15, 52.50, 52.87, 53.12, 54.73, 52.70, 53.83

Cool-down: 3.63 km (very easy pace)

I thought I put in a great work out and still on track for a 55 minute 10k but then I went to the online McMillan Calculator and when I put in the 55 minute target race time and looked at what I should be doing 200 meter sprints at it said – 44.8 seconds. There is no way I could gone that fast for these 200 m intervals and for a second I wondered if I was off base in what I think I can do this Sunday based on this.  This calculator either is wrong or I am using it incorrectly for I feel pretty confident that this is a realistic goal. So here is to blocking any doubts and getting that 55 minute time!


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