Last day of vacation

Today is Labour Day and although our world as we knew it changed significantly with the move to Calgary at the beginning of August, the real change starts tomorrow as the girls go back to school <Insert happy dance here>.

For the last month the weather has been amazing, every time we looked at the forecast it said Sunny. We learned quite quickly that when it did say there is a chance of thunderstorms, it really was just a small chance. Whereas back in our home town, when it said it was going to rain or storm, it did 99.9% of the time.  We can certainly attest that Calgary does boast consistent sunshine and endless blue skies.  We also love the fact how it dips down overnight, last night it was to dip down to 8 degrees C, and then it is go up to 30 degrees C.


As a result of the great weather, it has been hard to worry about completely organizing the house and instead have been enjoying the outdoors whenever we can.  We are taking full advantage of the Glenmore Reservoir and Bow River path system, either going to each location at least once a week for either a run, walk or bike ride.  And we haven’t even scratched the surface with all the hiking we can do in the area and other trail systems. We definitely feel like we have won the lottery on this front.

For some reason though we both feel up to this point we are just vacationing and any day we will be reunited with all our friends and the old schedule we are familiar and comfortable with but obviously that is not true. The real change of what we have done will sink in tomorrow as the girls go off to school.

Although I will gladly give up my Entertainment Director hat there are some things I will miss about our time together, such as the days we could lazily sleep in without any regard for the time, THIS NEVER HAPPENED BACK HOME – EVER, the trips to the park, morning hot tub soaks,  watching London connect with the little boy from next door, recent outings with my sister and her two little ones, and not worrying about the state of the house to the extent I did before. In some ways it was a very good experience in letting go and being in the present but it was certainly not without its challenges, unfortunately the Rett Syndrome Factor reared its ugly head often.

So once the girls get settled this week, I will switch gears and focus on creating the least stressful routine in the morning for all, start booking new appointments for Reilly to deal with the many issues we are facing, finish up organizing the house, and trying desperately to set realistic expectations for me each week.

This is the happy dance song I will be dancing to today:


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