A Random Act of Kindness

Continued from Day #2

When we arrived back to Chutes Provincial camp-site after being in Sudbury we thought a swim was much needed given the heat. Before we had a chance to do much of anything, a mini-van stopped in front of our site with two ladies in the front seats with the lady in the drivers seat dangling jumbo freezies and asked if we wanted some.

Admittedly I thought it was unusual for a provincial park to be going around selling freezies but I though maybe they are doing it because of the heat wave, either way I was tempted. I asked her how much she was selling them for and was going towards my wallet.  She said they were free and how many did we want?  I said 3 and walked towards her car. Given the inquisitive look on my face she said that it was her birthday and she wanted to do 30 acts of kindness and this was one of them. I said that was a pretty neat idea and thanked her for the freezies, and off she went in search for additional campers to bestow her act of kindness onto them. We graciously shared our freezies and I even think they brought down our internal temperature a degree or two.  Afterwards off we went swimming.

This ladies act of kindness left an impact on both my husband and I for quite some time. We had always heard stories of paying it forward particularly in coffee shops, namely Tim Hortons, but never were part of one nor started one before.  Just this week, there was a report on CBC news asking “Are we hard-wired to buy Timmies for hundreds of strangers? There is a ‘happiness boost’ in spending money on others, researchers say”. 

To me it is fascinating how this whole concept of paying it forward is relatively a new phenomenon. Rarely did you hear of this being done in any form even 5 years ago. I think it only reinforces that we are in a different era of greater social consciousness.   So given that my birthday is 6 days away it begs a personal question to myself what am I willing/able to do on this day to pay it forward?  Given that I will be 39 (eek!) I could either buy my coffee at Tim Horton’s or wherever and given the clerk $39 for the next clients to benefit (one coffee/drink per person) or I can do 39 different acts of kindness or something else.  I would love to do something that would benefit people who need it a little bit more but one challenge I have is that I will have both girls with me and Reilly can get fussy if our activity is not exactly motivating for her. Hmmmm. If anyone has any ideas I am all ears. In the end I will try not to overthink this and see what might work given the other variables at play.


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