Day #1 cont…

Day # 1 cont…  

chutes2After we set up camp we were longing for a swim and that is when Mike asked if the park had a swimming pool. What? I know we are both city slickers but I thought he would have known that provincial parks like this wouldn’t have such glamping resources such as a chlorinated pool.

So off we went for the park’s swimming location, not sure whether it would be a lake, river or maybe even a large pond. At that point we were ready for anything that would cool us down given the high 30’s temperature (celsius).   The best way to describe the swimming location is that it is a swimming hole with a chute/water fall in the background.  There was only one deep section and the rest was only to my mid thighs which was great for the girls.  It had a sandy bottom but lots of bark vegetation so water shoes would be recommended.



Where the deeper section (far side) was where a current flowed and if you have a floatation device you would have had a lot of fun starting in the deep end and floating downstream.   Although London is a good swimmer we put a life jacket on her just in case.  Needless to say the water was extremely refreshing and the girls had a great time.

London enjoying the water

London enjoying the water

Reilly chilling at Chutes.

Reilly chilling at Chutes.


Day #1 was a success on all fronts!  The plan for tomorrow – Day #2 – is to back track to Sudbury as it is going to be another very hot and humid day (Reilly doesn’t do well in the humid heat), so we are going to bask in an A/C environment at the Sudbury Science Centre and also visit the Big Nickel.  





One thought on “Day #1 cont…

  1. Chutes looks really beautiful. And it looks like you had water to yourself. How is that possible. All 3 picfures are great.

    5:45 am here. Time changes! Had a fun first say here. We asked and answered such profound questions as “why is drinking so much fun?” Answer: because you get drunk

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