Final Countdown

Two more sleeps until the moving company comes to take all our beloved possessions (Friday) and then on Sunday morning we embark on our Road Trip, yikes.  I am definitely ready to take the next step as I am tired of packing and living in a house of boxes but now that the end is near I am panicking a little more with the remaining to do list.

Although we have purged quite a bit I am still floored at how much STUFF we have to move.  Part of the packing supplies I have bought, includes this 250 foot roll (see below, Puppy has been included to give you a good perspective of its size) and I have made a huge dent in it and expect it all to be gone by Thursday night. It has been great to use for pictures and other pieces that don’t fit into boxes.


Although I am looking forward to settling in the new house, I do not look forward to the unpacking step. Mainly because we are going to be sooo tight for space all over, bedrooms, closets, kitchen cabinets, and shelves in general that I wouldn’t be surprised if it took us several months to unpack everything.

Here are some packing tips that I have found helpful along the way:

  • Acquire all packing material used by a friend in a recent move. I was lucky in that a good friend moved back in December and she kept all their stuff for us to use – huge plus!!!
  • If your company or good friend’s company has a shipping department, find out if they have any boxes and packing supplies that they recycle. We scored big time from my husband’s work.
  • To help you purge, have a friend come over to help you make those difficult decisions
  • Use a site like Kijiji to sell unwanted items. We did a bit of this but I found greater satisfaction in giving away many items to friends knowing that they would be well loved or used.
  • Check out a local bike store for free bike boxes – we were able to get 4 of them, 2 we will use for bikes and the other 2 for odd pieces
  • Once you throw away your children’s trinkets and toys, don’t leave the garbage bag in site or let them see the recycling bins full of their prized art work. Sometimes it is best to find an alternate disposal plan!



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