Describing the Big Change


nbbpinkI apologize if this image offends anyone but I think it is perfect given that numerous people have used the exact words that ‘we must have big balls for doing what we are doing’ (i.e. moving to Calgary and essentially starting over).  Given that I am female, this pink ball image seem to be appropriate.  At first I was a little offended that this male anatomy term was being used to describe our adventure but I guess when you get down to medical science, I believe testosterone is what drives adventurous behaviour, right?  Either way I am cool with it.

There is no question that some people think we are crazy for giving up what we do have here and yes we are taking a risk.  I am confident that although there are going to have some moments down the road where we say to ourselves, what the hell did we do,  I know in the long run we will be glad we made the change.

Then there are people who are cool with what we are dong or indifferent but get absolutely stumped that we are making these bold changes without any jobs lined up.  Sure cash inflows are very important but we have planned for this and have socked away a healthy emergency fund to bridge us at least several months if needed.  Sure we could have waited for A job to be lined up first but truthfully that would have been even more stressful if we have to split up (i.e. one of us go ahead to work).  I would need another post to explain this more thoroughly.  Sometimes I secretly enjoy saying we don’t have jobs lined up only to see the look that we must be crazy or the stupid comments many have actually made that this probably wasn’t the best approach to take. I translate these negative comments as the people expressing their own fear of change.

Then we have the camp of people that  have used the big ball reference, and those are the ones we find completely envious that we are taking life by the reins, as they would love to do something similar as they too are longing for a change but feel the chains of responsibility and stability are wound too tight to even think about it.  And of course we also have a lot of people are completely supportive, similar to unconditional love, have no desire to make any bold changes but truly happy for us.

Since we have made our big decision, one of my good friends also took life by the reins and decided they needed a little adventure. Before we all knew it, her husband took a job in the US and she is busily planning their big move.  Although the new company will look after most of the moving details, it will be nice to have someone in my network that will be going through some similar adjustments.

Not everyone has to uproot their family or do something big like this to deserve the big ball award :-), I think everyone deserves it if you are being true to yourself, your desire and dreams. Now this doesn’t mean you give up or forgo responsibilities but you pursue your dreams in a responsible way. Anything can be done when you set your mind to it, just think one step at a time.


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