Warning: Moving Date is closer than it appears – Ahhhhh!

Ontario's flower: Trillium

Ontario’s flower: Trillium

Oh my goodness the clock is ticking and it seems that it is going faster and faster as we are down to our final days in Ontario.  Although we  have 26 days left, I want to have almost everything packed up by the end of this month and that is 10 days away, for we are spending the first week of July at my parents cottage/house.  Although I am probably in good shape I am panicking with how little time is left and the feeling that I have so much left to do.

Plus not only do we have to pack everything up for the move but we are also doing an extended camping trip across the country to get to Calgary and also have to plan for such an excursion.  Needless to say I am getting very anxious with what lays before us and hopefully we haven’t taken on more than we can chew with this camping adventure.   Camping in itself is not a big deal but we have only ever camped for 2 nights and it  has been quite a rainy start to the season, add the fact that Reilly rarely walks these days and we won’t have her wheelchair (we will have her Wike), oh and the girls are quite picky these days with their eating habits, will make for some exciting times.   Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

To say that this song is going through my head over and over these days is an under statement:



Trillium: The provincial flower for Ontario

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