Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer

This post isn’t mine today but rather the accounts of a close friend of mine who recently just completed her 6th Ride to Conquer Cancer event.  I couldn’t help but share her experience as it is so touching and inspiring.  We all need more friends like her.

Year 6


Once again an amazing event.  We, and by “we” I mean “you”.you all raised 19.1 million.  It’s incredible.  Thank you so much for supporting.  This was going to be written as a top 10 list but I kind of went overboard. Not surprising.  I’ll never talk your ear off but it’s a whole different ball game with writing 🙂

Top 15 Highlights in no particular order..
1. Free arm warmers (thanks Enbridge!)
2. It’s always sunny in Hamilton and sun on the back with a beer in hand is one of the best rewards after first day of riding.
3. Amazing people you meet:  One guy I chatted with had lost a brother and friend to cancer recently.  As a result he took on this ride, changed diet, started indoor training (although only did 19km of actual road cycling.yikes) and lost 120 lbs.  Talk about life changing event!
4. Top fundraising teenager raised over $12000
5. 85 year old completed this event.  Guess what? He is also blind and has had a triple by pass.
6. I hope heaven smells just like all the miles of locust trees in bloom that we passed.
7. 19.1 million raised by 5020 riders AND all their supporters.
8. Last year a rider was stung by a bee on route, had a reaction, went to hospital for treatment and still returned to the route that same day to complete her ride.
9. The mobile hot showers provided in trucks on site are truly exquisite!
10. How cool and unexpected is it to watch a giant freighter heading out. Bridge was out so we got a little rest too.
11. Self acceptance:  I’ve always known that 4 butter packets is a lot for one bun, but apparently it’s ok 🙂
12. Team Erin: her two daughters spoke first night. Erin passed away from pancreatic cancer but her daughters celebrate the fact that they got 6 years more of life with their mom thanks to Princess Margaret.  Erin continues to inspire.  Girls now ride in place of their mom and on their mom’s bike.
13. Clackers, shakers, horns, cheering, clapping, smiling faces, people high fiving, for over 1 km at finish line.who needs a life coach with that kind of pump up!
14. The support, cheering, love at the finish line makes me well up every time.  More importantly it renews faith in people and in being able to make a difference.
15. In the elevator at Casino Niagara where car is parked post ride: do I smell as bad as I think I do?.likely.too bad

My last comment is about why I rode in case I haven’t captured the spirit in the above list.  While my rationale is not original (comes directly from the sign on the back of a fellow rider), its worth repeating:
Reason #1  because I can
Reason #2  because of the support I receive
Reason #3  because of those who have died from cancer and those that are battling it out now.


2 thoughts on “Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer

  1. I am very touched and honoured and surprised. What a great way to start my day!! Thanks for being such a supportive sweetheart. Xoxo

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  2. I thought about posting to Facebook. Is it too personal and I guess I remove the thank you part at start?

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