Huntsville Half MarathonRace Recap

Unfortunately or fortunately I had to fulfill the cheer leading role at the Huntsville half this past weekend due to an achilles tendon issue.  In hind sight this might have been the one race where I didn’t mind being side lined given the ‘mountains’ the group had to run up and down.  The funny thing is that I really wanted the medal at the end to remind me of this weekend, for it was going to be the last race in Ontario for me until my move and I was sharing it with a special group of girl friends.   So needless to say if I didn’t listen to my body and went ahead with the race I would have been thoroughly disappointed that I wasn’t greeted with a medal at the end and it  probably would have set me back even further with my injury.  I do think though that anyone running this race deserves some lasting reminder of their effort for it wasn’t for the faint hearted in terms of difficulty. So hats off to all my girl friends who completed it and to my surprise very little cursing 🙂
Given that there were no finishing medals, we  are pretty sure the high registration fee went to pay for the post-race entertainment: Lagazana, The Sadies, and The Sheepdogs. Although they weren’t might genre of music, they all were very entertaining live and made for a great afternoon!
IMG_7186 IMG_7200 IMG_7204

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