My first Podcast talking about Rett Syndrome

A former work colleague and friend of mine has a very successful local blog site called Toronto Mike.  I remember him starting this blog  site many moons ago (10+ years) and it was he who first had to explain to me what the word ‘blog’ even meant.  He was the company’s marketing man and had many ideas and admittedly I didn’t see where the world of blogging would go at that time.  Mike has since moved on and has built up an impressive marketing career and what was a side project with his blog continues to be a side project but with a V8 engine in terms of content/exposure and reputation within the Toronto blogasphere.

radio-micRecently he started to introduce pod casts and when he asked if I would be interested in being a part of one I was flattered at such an opportunity. So yesterday I drove to his studio (aka living room) where he makes it all happen.  I had no idea what was involved and admittedly was a little nervous for although some people give me credit for being somewhat articulate, I don’t think well on my feet or off the cuff so to speak. Anyways he quickly put me at ease and showed me how to speak into the microphone, similar to what you see in a radio station.

Our conversation/interview went quickly and before you knew it, 30 minutes was up and over and here is the net result:

I have only listened to the first 5 minutes for I find listening to myself to be so awkward, I can’t even listen to my own voice mails I have left on the house phone.  Naturally in that short time frame you can’t touch on everything or delve too deep into the inner workings of how Rett Syndrome folds into our lives.  Nevertheless I hope it keeps at least 1 or 2 people’s attention , lol.   Hey if anyone is looking for more information on Rett Syndrome, check out the Ontario Rett Syndrome Association site.

Thanks again Mike for a great opportunity!


One thought on “My first Podcast talking about Rett Syndrome

  1. That is wayyy way cool. I’m heading to Niagara falls today to drop off car with Monique so wont have chance to listen to podcast yet but am looking forward to it. Really cool opportunity. Way to go!!

    Good luck on your run this weekend. Hopefully your ankle cooperates. If you see any hunky scratch that out..any guys (preferable not using walkers).please give out my phone number. Lol.

    Did you give any more thought to the donation for sleeping aids for Reilly? I am still very interested.



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