Kids say the darnest things

turbonAs London and I were driving to soccer tonight we noticed two men going door to door with flyers.  Both men were wearing a turban, similar to the image included to the left, and in normal causal clothes.  Right or wrong these two men stood out in our neighborhood as being different and London was very intrigued at their site.

First she asked what they could be doing and I replied that they could be dropping off flyers to advertise for a business. Then she asked how the turbans were made. Before I had a chance to answer she said they were either made using their bathroom towels or God gave them the material. I stifled a laugh and asked her to explain further about God’s possible role in their turbans. She said that God could have thrown them from the sky to use because that is what  he can do.  Interesting.

I didn’t have the heart or the mental faculty tonight to explain that the gentleman don’t believe in the same God she does, let alone be able to drop cloth from the sky.   It is also amusing that in our family she is the only one that believes in God, I consider myself spiritual but do not tie myself to a particular God like she does.  The only influence I have had over her on the religious front is insisting if there is a God it is a she 🙂


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