Home Ownership

There is no question that we have gone outside our comfort zone with the recent purchase of our new house in Calgary.  In some ways I think our budget was not realistic for a city,  let alone one that is growing at the rate that Calgary is, and in the end I honestly think we made the right move on this particular house. A house that will allow us to thrive on a day to day basis due to the layout and accessibility within and also the location.

Here are some location perks:

  • 5 minute walk to a permanent outdoor hockey rink (summer it is used for ball hockey) perfect for all of us, particularly London
  • there is a school across the street (not one that London can go to though) that has an amazing play facility
  • 35 minute bus ride to downtown or 15 minute drive
  • 5 km away from Reilly’s school
  • 3.5 km away from my sister
  • 5 km away from a great resevoir full of pathways/lake and other outdoor amenities
  • 2 km away from trendy Marada Loop
  • 8 minute walk from public 9 hole golf course, tennis courts and another playground

LOL – yes I could still be justifying the premium we paid for this house but it is a fun exercise neverthless, especially since my other half wasn’t with me and is going on blind faith that it was a good decision.

Here is our new baby, not the best picture but the best I can do without looking I was stalking the place.



As you can see we will need to address some accessibility points. So many bungalows had stairs leading up to the front door like this and/or stairs once you got into the foyer. There is a deck off the back with also stairs to contend with but these things can be overcome with a little patience, time and money.   Of course we can take as much time as we want to but ideally we would want to have something in place for when Reilly starts school on Sept 3rd; otherwise, I have no idea how to get her and the wheelchair out of the house. There is a garage at the back but I doubt the bus would go down an alley way especially in the winter.

Although our new house has a great functional layout there is definitely going to be huge adjustment for us going from a 2 story, 2000 square foot home plus a developed basement to a 1200 square foot bungalow with basement.  Gone are the big bedrooms with ample closets.  I have already done a considerable purging  job as I have started to pack our stuff but I think I am going to need to do a lot more once I truly see how little extra storage space we will have once we get in.  I am okay with this but it will just take time adjusting our habits.


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