Today is a defining moment

On Thursday morning I arrived in Calgary with the objective to purchase a house that would meet our families needs which is no small order given the accessibility and price factor.  Back in January when we visited to confirm that we wanted to make this move we looked at a few homes and admittedly got a little discouraged at the high prices and number of changes we would have to make to each house in order to accommodate Reilly’s needs.  The inventory was very low back then given the time of year so we filed this experience away and hoped that when we were ready to embark on this step again we would have more options.

A lot of people have recommended for us to consider renting before we settle on a house and we don’t disagree that this would be a great idea.  The problem is that renting is cost prohibitive unless we are willing to rent a starter 1000 square foot apartment, which often still has a set of stairs or a run down house in a shady area.  Without exaggerating to find an ‘okay’ rental house we would be easily looking at $2500 – 3500 a month.  Plus we would then have to incur additional moving costs so it would almost be better to take a risk on a house and if it proves not to work out then the commission fees and moving expenses would actually be lower than one years renting fees.

So Thursday afternoon I met up with our Real Estate agent and started looking at properties. I should mention that it is just me out here, Mike is back at home with the kids.  Although Mike and I are on the same page with what we are looking for I do feel that there is an incredible weight on my shoulders with this responsibility.  Overall we looked at 12 houses on this day and in the middle I found ‘THE ONE’.  There were no close seconds and many of the houses were either over priced with tons of renovations required or okay priced with a lot of renovations required and not in the best location (i.e. right by a highway). Not to mention that most of the bungalows had lots of stairs, stairs up to the house (pathway), stairs to the door, stairs from the front entrance, up to the main floor (3-4 stairs), stairs to the backyard. So I included 2 stories that had straight staircases that could accommodate a lift but they too had stairs in other places. Needless to say it was a very depressing exercise.  Even “THE ONE” which is a wonderful bungalow has stairs to contend with but it meets the rest of our criteria.

The problem now is that we are again in a competitive situation (already lost out to two other houses) and the offers are going to be presented today.  This place is way above our preferred housing price and we will be mortgaged to the hilt but the intangibles that this house in its location will provide us will be priceless.  So at 10.30 MST our offer will be presented along with one other and truly our fate will be defined.  Every time I start to think about what if we don’t get it, I do my best to stop in my tracks for this path is dark and ugly and wouldn’t be productive at this point of time.  The stress and energy though has been immense but I have faith that the stars will align on this one.

So for the next few hours I need to keep myself extra busy.  The good thing is that I signed up for a 10k race tomorrow as part of Calgary’s Scotiabank race event and will pick up my race kit this morning. I definitely won’t be in the right state of mind tomorrow to strive for a PB and in fact might be forced to take it easy given what I have been through but regardless I am looking forward to it!!!!!


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