London’s Mothers Day Thoughts

We always have a good chuckle when reading London’s notes because of the spelling.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with what she is doing but it only highlights how silly the English language can be and how difficult it is to try to explain to her why in some cases it is one way and in other cases it is another way, without any logical way to figure it out. For example, the other day we were reading one of her science books and I was trying to teach her that when she comes across a word that starts with “ch” like children it sounds like “chah” but then we came across the word chemical and as everyone knows the “ch” becomes a “kah” sound. Thank goodness she has a memory like an elelphant for once you tell her how a word sounds she often always remembers it the next time.

In London’s SK class they were asked to write out something for their mom’s and this is what she wrote:



Translation:  I love it when we watch a movie together and it was so much fun. And when you read me a story at bedtime. And I like it when you make muffins.

This style of spelling totally reminds of what you see in the Winnie the Pooh books we often read Reilly.   I love the innocence and independence. How they grow up so fast. Sigh.




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