Reilly’s Birthday Present

We have always struggled with buying gifts for Reilly, whether it be her birthday or Christmas or other special occasions where you would normally get a little gift.  The struggle really comes down to the fact that Reilly has no fine motor skills and thus can not manipulate any toys and already has a surplus of Winnie the Pooh items (she loves anything Winnie and friends related) to open a museum, and clothes don’t count when you are a kid.

So for her 8th birthday this year we decided that her birthday gift would be going to stay overnight at one of the water park hotels in the Niagara region, given her love of water.  Initially it was going to be a family affair but then London got an invite to one of her best buddies birthdays and she pleaded to go to the party instead. At first I was adamant that she went with us since this is a family planned activity to celebrate Reilly’s birthday.  After some thinking though, Mike and I decided it would be extra special for Reilly to have our complete attention for this over-night excursion and made arrangements with the grandparents to look after London.

So off the three of us went to the water park hotel and as you can see from the pictures below it was a huge success.  We really think that Reilly not only enjoyed the water time with us but also the fact that the whole experience was just with us and she didn’t have to compete with her sister.  So what started as a potential source of friction turned out to be the best decision for everyone and the start of what just might be an annual tradition to have a special weekend away with just Reilly.


IMG_6971 IMG_6969


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