Sleeping Posture Support

Knock on wood but Reilly has been sleeping pretty darn good the last couple of months.  For us ‘darn good’ means 1-2 wake-ups a night but with a little cuddle she promptly goes back to sleep.

When Reilly was little the only way we could get her to sleep was on her stomach but in her toddler years upwards, she has always been a side sleeper.   The challenge recently is that signs of scoliosis have already started to emerge and in the last two years a considerable change in her back can be seen.  Ideally it would be best if she slept on her back but whenever we have tried putting her in this position, either at the start of the night or in the middle of it, it doesn’t work. In that, she can’t fall asleep or stay asleep. Whether it has to do with a comfort/preference thing like the rest of us or a sensory issue, we have resigned to the fact that she is a side sleeper and try to alternate back and forth.

Recently Reilly’s OT suggested that we take a look at a sleep system that would involve Reilly sleeping on her back. At first I said it wouldn’t work given her history and that she would hate it but something made me say sure why not give it a try.  The approved supplier brought over a SymmetriKit to show us what items might work with Reilly and in the demo session Reilly loved being on her back within this system.  A few weeks later, we were able to trial the pieces for a week.  To our surprise the first night, Reilly not only fell asleep on her back but stayed there for almost half the night.  When she awoke we simply moved her onto her to side and still used a couple of the pieces of the system to give her even better side positioning. After the week’s trial, Reilly slept on her back more than she has in her entire life.  I was sold on this system until I got the Quote – $3000 CDN!

The Quote included a thin velcro sheet, small pillow for the head, bolster for the knees, long pad for the heel area, side brackets and a think temperature controlled under mattress (mattress is not really the right word, almost like a blanket).

The manufacturer of this system is in the UK and works with resellers in other countries, in Ontario, Canada,  it is Motion Specialities. I swear the mark-up has got to be at least 50% on these products.   Unfortunately these products are not covered under any insurance plans or other funding options.   Regardless $3,000 CDN is too rich for my blood and wallet so I am determined to improvise and come up with a cheaper but just as effective of a solution.  Stay tuned.

IMG_7003 IMG_7002 IMG_6878 IMG_6875


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