Another memory lane post

It is interesting what you come across when you are preparing to move. If Reilly didn’t have Rett Syndrome I wouldn’t think of posting the following random notes I took  during her first 9 weeks.  Some of what I have written is typical of  many newborn characteristics and some stuff  was early warning signs that something wasn’t just right even from the beginning.

Reilly Mackenzie H.

1st smile – started beginning of week 5, constant smiles during her good periods wk 8

1st car trip (long, too long) – Toronto area to Kingston to visit my grandmother who was dying. Reilly was only 3 weeks old and she cried the entire 4 hours.

1st trip to the cottage – May 24th weekend – more constant crying in the car – 5+ hour car trip lots of stops.

General Notes:

  • Reilly hates car rides
  • She is full of gas
  • For the first 3 weeks we had to have her sleep on our chest. She hated/resisted being placed on her side/back. (There is no question looking back she was experiencing sensory issues from birth)
  • We find that her change table has some magical properties, often when she is crying uncontrollably for no observable reason she would calms down when placed on this table. This is the only time she doesn’t mind being on her back. When you take  her off the table she would continue crying.
  • As of June 14 (2 months old) we have noticed a huge improvement in her behaviour. Would not say she is colic anymore. Based on this not sure if she ever had it, must be something else.
  • At 9 weeks she now enjoys being placed on your knees and even face forward (her back to your stomach). She only enjoyed being placed on your chest up to this point. When she starts crying, she prefers you to hold her and walk with her. You can’t sit down or she will start back up. The bathroom fan helps too.
  • Reilly has no issues with other people holding her, enjoys the comfort



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