No Picasso in this household or is there?


London loves to colour and do drawings and has made quite a dent in our printer paper recently.  She is quite a talented little girl but not in the art department and she knows it. She gets so frustrated that her drawings are not “nice” in comparison to her friends.  She got mad at herself after the first drawing below and asked whether I also thought it was ugly.  I told her it wasn’t her best work but it is more important whether she tried her hardest then whether I thought it was pretty or ugly. She wasn’t happy with my response.  I am not going to be one of those mom’s for good or bad that thinks everything her child does is brilliant.  Anyways Mike and I always have a chuckle outside of her ear shot at her artistic projects.

The second and third picture below were done immediately after our conversation about the first one. There is no question she did a better job. I was curious though whether those bumps were supposed to be boobs and casually asked the question without trying to offend her. No they are supposed to be arm ruffles she says. Oh and where are the arms? She stormed back to her room in despair of her struggling talent, lol. High drama to say the least.


IMG_6933-001 IMG_6934-001 IMG_6935-001


One thought on “No Picasso in this household or is there?

  1. I think there is a picasso! The pictures are so adorable. Coloring isn’t about result. Its fun unto itself. I try and redirect those questions back to kid when they ask what I think. What does it really matter what I think? A safe response could be “it makes me want to color too” or “I love everything about you…your stinky farts, your coloring, your tears and giggles”. And in fact it often does make me want to color. Add to your response of “try your hardest”, “did u have fun”. One infamously fun color game is to fold a 8×11 into thirds. Top section for head, middle for body. Bottom for legs. Each person does one section and passes on to next person. The completed section must be folded so it is turned over or hidden. Repeat. It is so funny…may get elephant head, dinosaur legs, butterfly body. The book I’m reading says to make sure your love isn’t only associated with achievement and what they do but who they are.
    I don’t think I’m running tomorrow. Need to get cycling in. Thanks for getting the emails out this week. How r u? I miss you.
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