Doh! Another Parenting Mishap

Just picked London up at the bus and when we got into the house she more or less said snidely ‘thanks for the water for lunch today.’

Doh! I knew exactly what she meant – I made a huge lunch mistake.

Last night my husband made pasta for the girls lunch today.  The usual routine when we are going to give the girls a warm lunch is to boil some water, place it in their thermos, after a few minutes heat up the food, take out the water and fill them up with food. Well, this morning he did that for Reilly’s lunch who goes on an earlier bus to a different school and he also filled London’s thermos with water and left for work.  Mistakenly I thought the thermos on the stove already had the pasta within and I simply put it in her lunch bag.  I didn’t check.

While I was apologizing to her, she started to pull out a brown paper bag which had two cookies, veges, and a partially eaten muffin. I asked her what is that and she said they gave her this lunch.

They don’t have extra lunches at school so I assume some other child ordered the Lunch Lady and didn’t show up to school, so London benefited from it. I have no idea though why she didn’t eat everything but who am I to judge at this point.

Lesson learned…check the darn thermos!


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