Northern Lights, the most spectacular show above Earth

northern lights


I was given a copy of the Jan/Feb Canadian Geographic magazine and I am now just going through it. Although there are many different articles within this specific publication, the theme is on the Northern Lights.   I grabbed this particular photo from Wikapedia and it was taken by a US Govt employee in Alaska.

According to this magazine, 2013 is going to be one incredible year for seeing the Northern Lights as this year represents the peak period of an 11 year cycle and Alberta is one of the best viewing locations.   Given that this is the peak year (Sept 2013 on wards) the northern lights are expected to be at their brightest and most spectacular display of incredible light formations.  I am no science buff but it is my understanding that the northern lights are a reflection of solar activity and are a result of changes in the sun’s magnetic field. Please don’t quote me on this though.

It is unlikely that I will get a chance to see the Northern Lights at their prime this coming fall but a new goal of mine is to create an adventure sometime in the future to witness one of the most incredible shows on earth.  Maybe this would be a great 50th birthday present, hint, hint.

Here are a couple more cool photos that other people have taken:

northern lights2



northern lights3


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