Great Gift Idea for Young Minds

I was telling someone recently all the different books that I have been reading and causally mentioned how I was struggling a bit to teach some of the same messages to London. He asked whether I have come across Dr. Wayne Dyers children’s books and I said no. I promptly went home and looked them up and bought 3 of them to give to London for Easter.

They are written by Dr. Wayne Dyer and Kristina Tracy and the messages within are taken from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books but packaged for children.  They are truly wonderful and I would recommend any parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, godparent or any one who has a child in their life to put any one of these books on their shopping list.  I wasn’t sure how London would react to them, whether she is too young to truly understand the messages although I don’t think you can ever start too young in instilling healthy self-esteem and thinking patterns.  So this past weekend, London was given them but they were pretty much tossed to the side given all the other activities that were going on but this morning before school she asked if we could read one of them. We only had 5 minutes before we had to head out the door and I promised her to read it after school as we would only get started before we had to put it down.  She said that is okay and she still wanted to read a bit, so I read what I could within the 5 minutes and when we had to head out she asked if we could finish it later. Can you see the smile on my face?

My husband and I just happened to be talking about these books last night and we both committed to not only reading them to the girls but expanding on what we are already doing with with our lives based on the messages within.  I mentioned to him that it has taken me almost 20 years to work through a lot of self-limiting beliefs and some baggage that I have collected in my developmental years and to think as a parent we have the chance to eliminate some of this unnecessary work for London and really give her an incredible platform to follow her dreams.  There is no question London will have to learn her own lessons over time but can you imagine knowing some of the things you know now when you were much younger and what you might be dong now as a result?   I am just grateful that I have this knowledge now when she is still young and we still have quite a few chapters left in our own life.  Having said this though I don’t think it is ever too late to start appreciating yourself and to seek your desires!


Book 1 book_unstoppable_me-2 Incredible-You



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