Comfortable? Absolutely not

“You only ever grow as a human being if you’re outside your comfort zone.” -Percy Cerutty

For the first time since  starting running several years ago, I took a running sabbatical in the fall which lasted more or less until February, the longest break in 5 years.  Unfortunately the demands of trying to keep up with a full-time job, Reilly’s sleep issues, regular family demands plus the additional demand of getting the house ready gave me no choice.  It was the only option and although its absence definitely made the heart grow fonder for it, I took a hit not only physically but also mentally. It truly provided me with an important and necessary therapeutic release and I didn’t realize how much until it was no longer part of my regular routine.

What got me back in the game was the decision to co-instruct a 10k clinic with a good friend of mine. We signed up as co-instructors about a week before the clinic was to start and were told that it was a very small group, 3 people to be exact.  Whenever I tell people how big our group is the theme song for the Wonder Pets starts to play in my head (thank goodness only silently or else I think I would have scared off this small group so far and possibly my partner in crime):

We’re not too big 
And we’re not too tough 
But when we work together 
We’ve got the right stuff

As part of the running clinic we have a goal race and for our group it is the Toronto Yonge 10k race on April 21st, 3 weeks away.  To make a long story short, the Toronto 10k race was born as a result of some parting of the ways with the lead sponsor of the former Sporting Life 10k race.  So now in Toronto, less than a month a part you have the Toronto Yonge Street Race and the Sporting Life 10k race using the exact same route. I have done numerous 10k events beyond this particular one but I thought it would be interesting to pull the results from prior Sporting Life events I participated in order to set an appropriate goal for this year’s event.  Here they are:

2012 Chip Time 53:03

2011 Chip Time 48:29

2010 Chip Time 52:00

2008 Chip Time 47:53 (1 year after London was born)

2007 Chip Time 57:41 (few weeks after London was born)

2006 Chip Time 57:51 (1 year after Reilly was born)

I am all over the map and seem to have been in my prime before I started into my marathon days (have done 4  so far) and in 3 weeks I will be far from PB (personal best) territory.  I really shouldn’t expect anything different given that I have just started back but my EGO is stepping forward with unrealistic expectations.

Although I wear a Garmin for almost every run and quickly review the results immediately post-run, I no longer document the details of the run to aid with training but maybe that is what I need to start doing. They often say that if you want to change your behavior one of the best ways to do it is to track it.  Here it goes… here are some details on this past week’s training. Let’s just say that I am not comfortable with where I am at and most of my runs to date have NOT felt effortless. In some ways this is a good thing as it means I am challenging myself but to know where I have been before and where I am at now is a little hard to swallow.

Saturday,  March 30th – 12k average pace 6:21/km

1k – 6:02/km; 2k – 6:18/km; 3k – 5:58/km; 4k – 6:33/km; 5k – 6:31/km; 6k – 6:01/km; 7k – 6:50/km 8k -6:44/km; 9k -6:06/km; 10k – 6:27/km; 11k -6:39/km; 12k – 5:55/km.

The Heart Rate monitor was definitely off for my average was 102 bpm which is completely inaccurate.

Friday, March 29th – 5k average pace 6:01/km

1k – 6:06/km; 2k – 6:16/km; 3k – 5:57/km; 4k – 6:09/km; 5k – 5:39/km

Heart Rate bpm average 148 bpm.

Tuesday, March 26th – 8k average pace unknown

Total Weekly Mileage: 25 km

So 3 weeks to Race Day – April 21st, not a lot of time but I need to make the best of it for future training goals.  This is what I would like to accomplish by end of day April 21st:

1) Weigh 4 pounds lighter

2) April 7th weekly mileage: 30km; April 14th weekly mileage: 30km; April 21st: 20km

3) Run a sub 58 minute 10k (oooh this hurts to write this time but you got start somewhere, right?)



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