Part I – The Yoga/Running Story

At my yoga prime, I was teaching 5 classes a week while working full-time in a corporate job and although I had the best of both worlds – great pay cheque from my corporate world I got my fulfillment through yoga.  Back then I didn’t have the girls yet but was heading into a marriage and of course the inevitability of children shortly after as we were approaching 30 and thought it would be a good time to start but I start to digress.

When I was teaching yoga I was absolutely in my element and looked forward to each class.  Mike always said that when I returned from teaching one of my classes  or coming back from a yoga class for myself, I had this yoga bliss about me.  As a result he supported all my crazy early morning risings and moonlighting with this second job and hobby. When I was teaching yoga I honestly believe I got more from my students then I gave them, even though they always professed the latter. It was truly a time in my life where I felt in harmony and alignment.

During this time, I contemplated several times turning my yoga passion into a full-time vocation by either opening a studio or teaching yoga full-time but the fear of the unknown held me back every time and figured I could have the best of both worlds with this arrangement.   Then came Miss Reilly and although I maintained teaching yoga for some time, although a reduced schedule, the demands of a little one with emerging issues and the eventual pregnancy of London led me to give up teaching and even doing my own practice.  At the time it was the best decision given everything that was going on and I simply tucked this chapter of my life into a neat little package and put on the shelf to gather dust.  Not knowing when or if I would revisit it.

Right from Day 1 Reilly was a fussy baby that had terrible sleep patterns. Although we have tons of memories and pictures of her looking like a smiley pleasant baby that was the furthest thing from our reality. Reilly’s temperament was so bad that Mike’s mom would come over 2-3x a week for a couple of hours just so I could get out of the house for some peace and the easiest activity to do at the spur of the moment was run.  I was still teaching a couple of classes a week at this time but this is when more or less my own personal practice went to the way side as it was impossible to do any yoga in the house and so I kept putting one foot in front of the other out on the pavement.  At first it was just to get out of the house and lose the baby weight and then it took over my life but in some ways it saved my life in helping me deal with some very trying times while trying to sort out the world of Rett Syndrome.


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