Kids are funny


London is definitely growing up but yet staying innocent at the same time.   Her latest favourite television show is Glee and I figured well if she is going to watch it, let’s start from the beginning and we can watch it together as there are some older material stuff that comes up.  We just finished episode 6 and I turned and asked  her what does she like about Glee besides the singing?

She said “Finn”

I asked her whether she thought he was cute?

As she replied her eyes got a little dreamy and said “yes”.

Something made her say Quinn and Finn and I said it’s funny how their names rhyme and they are boyfriend and girlfriend.

She promptly said “No, they are brother and sister for in another episode they were sleeping together.”

I paused at this point for I don’t remember them lying innocently in bed as sister and brother but in her mind she did not register the intimate relationship they actually have on the show.  I figured if she wants to believe they are brother and sister for right now I am completely good with that. She has plenty of time to grow up.  I think I will definitely keep watching the show with her and slowly let her grow up.


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