Alligators, Crocodiles, Snakes, Oh My


One of the activities we did over the March break was go to the Reptilia Zoo.  I also invited one of London’s friend, Miss C, which ended up being a really good decision for not only did London have a better time but also I found it to be a safer decision as I couldn’t push Reilly’s wheelchair and attend to her needs while giving London adequate time as well.   It was a busy place and I set the rules for the girls. They pretty much had to hold hands the entire time we were there and to always stay within my eye sight. A few times due to how busy it was they got out of my eyesight and although I knew they were okay when you have someone else’s child in her custody I couldn’t live with myself if something happened.

As a result I also chose to give them some additional rules that if they got separated from me and we couldn’t find each other they were only to speak to one of the uniformed employees and I pointed out an example. Now that doesn’t guarantee anything but it is a start. I also explained that if someone else said they would help them find their mommy to yell and scream but stay together. London added in that she would kick and fight. I said sure.  I hate having these conversations, especially with someone else’s child but I think it is only prudent to cover off some safety basics.


From an exhibit perspective, this place is pretty neat and all the girls enjoyed themselves even Reilly which was great to see. Reilly had a couple of great interaction points with some water snakes, can’t remember what kind they were but they were mighty big and went right to the glass in front of her and some alligators (I always get alligators and crocodiles mixed up so I could have the species mixed up).  It was crazy busy full of other kids given that it was March break so it was hard to take the time to read all the placards and try to make it a greater learning experience. One thing I did notice though is that most of the reptile placards were up high and thus out of sight of the girls anyways. Hmm, this is maybe something they should consider changing to encourage the children to read more about what they are seeing instead of getting the visual cue of the reptile and moving on to the next one. Having said that though the experience was very positive and I would definitely go again, although on a day when other kids are at school. Sshhh!





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