Parenting mishap

IMG_6872_1London had a playmate over one day this week, Miss C who is a  year older.  London and Miss C. get along really well together despite their differences – Miss C. is a little fashionista in the making and will most likely end up doing something creative later in life; whereas, London is the sporty tom boy one.  Despite London’s tom boy personality she loves to get her nails done, so when Miss C. came over London thought perfect as her friend would totally be into too.

So when London asked if she could get her nail kit out (she received a nail polish set for her birthday) and whether they could do each other’s nails, I didn’t think they could get into too much trouble. My only condition was they do their nails at the kitchen table and I left them to their own devices as I went up to the use the computer. Some minutes later, London came sheepishly up to me and I could only wonder what happened down stairs.

I then saw Miss C’s hands and was told that she wanted to paint them herself. London’s hands were clean as a whistle as I think she thought they would do each others but I promptly closed the nail shop and proceeded to try to clean up Miss C’s hands. Thank goodness I am really good friends with Miss C’s mom and she forgave me for the lack of supervision on this activity.  One for the record books.



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