Another Blast from the Past

I was cleaning out a drawer and came across the following loose sheet. with the following memories.

Wed/April 23, 2008

~(Reilly, 3, London 1)

When I went to pick you (Reilly) up at preschool you started crying and acting up. Although it was extremely difficult to get you in the car as I also had London with me at the time, I was actually ecstatic with your reaction for it meant to me that you were really content at preschool today and didn’t want to go. Of course it always saddens me to see such pain in your eyes but for once I clearly knew it was not physical.

Since Reilly does not enjoy going to the zoo, I arranged for her to spend part of the afternoon with Mike’s parents while I took London. I met up with a girlfriend and her two children, the youngest the same age as London.  You (London) are such a greater walker these days. I really enjoyed our time together especially since you are so interested in all the animals, fortunately they are behind their cages for if you had your way, you would be running up to the lions and tigers trying to wrap your arms around them in hugs.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

London-> on the way home today from dropping Reilly off at preschool I let you walk for part of the way home. It is so endearing how you want to stop every couple of feet and pick up a rock and within minutes you gathered up a large collection in your hands.  A collection that you didn’t want to let go, not one rock. I have learned how to get you to move a little faster down the path but it is so precious to watch you enjoy yourself without any rush to get home.




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