100th Post

1821-celebrationSource: The Girly Bookclub

Seeing that the next  post was going to make it the 100th, made me pause at this milestone.  As a child and later in life I started countless diaries and in almost all attempts to record my thoughts I would be lucky to write more than two entries within a week before I would abandon it for months only to rip out the two or so entries and start over with the conviction that this time would be it.  Well I am close to 39 years old and I have finally crafted a personal journal of sorts that has gone beyond a handful of entries.

So when I started down this path of documenting various parts of my life I think I may have mentioned that I wanted/needed to talk about various topics and couldn’t settle on one specific theme.  I have enjoyed the freedom I have given myself and will continue to explore different thought processes and topics and the process of putting my thoughts into print has been very insightful and actually quite enjoyable.

The other great bonus of maintaining this blog is the other blog connections I have made with others. I am fascinated by some of the adventures others are on in different forms and variations and the heart at most people’s blogs that I have run into are extremely positive and enriching. It goes to show that one little ripple such as blog post has endless potential in creating a larger ripple that truly connects us all in ways that go beyond the normal imagination.


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