Opportunities increase as they are taken – Sun Tzu

Happy PocketDavid Cameron Gikandi’s book A Happy Pocket Full of Money is as his subtitle suggests about how to generate infinite wealth and abundance in the Here and Now using the laws of the Universe.   I am not finished the book yet but one chapter totally caught my attention and in some ways I wish the author would have started with it first and then worked backwards.

Most of  Gikandi’s earlier chapters cover familiar principles that I have heard from many other authors covering Law of Attraction concepts until I hit the chapter titled Acting: That which Receives and that is when a light bulb went off – I finally get all this stuff.  Now what I am going to say next will most likely only make sense to those that already understand the general concept of Thoughts become Things.  In this chapter, Gikandi makes it clear that actions are the last component of the creation (thought) processes.  He begins to outline a hierarchy based on our relationship with the Universe that starts with the Self, then the Spirit, your Being, your Thoughts/Mind/Words and then Actions. Actions are very necessary and important but they come at the end as a result of putting out what you want to Receive.

Right now I am doing a lot of work in Change Management and I use this model called ADKAR developed by Prosci that describes 5 elements that define the building blocks for successful change.   ADKAR represents Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement.  In my mind these last two elements equate to Action and in order to produce successful change you need all the earlier elements in place; otherwise, the change will either miss the full objectives or even fail. Similarly if you don’t fully understand and thus leverage your Being, your Thoughts and Words, you will not be as successful as you can be for you will ultimately be at the mercy of how the Universe interprets your created messages, whether they were intended or not.

There is no question that most of us have been living in a state of ignorance (focusing on the visible and physical world) or not truly understanding the interrelationship between thoughts, things and actions. Either way it really comes down to not knowing that there was even a different way to approach life. It baffles me why this information is so readily available but minimally embraces by the masses.  The ripples have started though.

As stated Action is very important and necessary but the role of Action is very different than what what most of us believes it does.   Essentially Action’s role is to Receive what you have already created through your Thoughts and not the other way around.  For example happy conditions arise because you are happy, not the other way around.  This concept is not new but walking through the connection within this greater framework makes it sink in on how things really work.  The author further states that action just helps your mind do the thing your mind has already decided – how you are going to experience the action, whether positively, negatively, fearfully, joyfully, etc.  The biggest a’ha moment for me is truly understanding that everything vibrates including our thoughts and it is through this vibration that we harmonize with others and attract the appropriate experiences to ourselves, good, bad or indifferent. This information is powerful!


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