Letter to myself – Positive Affirmation


Hi everyone, it has been a couple of years since we have moved to Calgary and I wanted to update you on what we have been up to.

Both Mike and I have fulfilling jobs where we can work from home part-time and have some great flexibility in our hours.  The house we are living  in is working out really well despite having to make compromises on what we were originally looking for.  Most importantly it accommodates all of our needs, especially those of being able to support Reilly.

London has built up a great set of friends with lots of play dates. She is also thriving at school and is involved in lots of extra curricular activities. Her favourite sports are still soccer and hockey, although she keeps threatening on becoming a professional rock climber.  Reilly is also enjoying her new class and loves to interact with all her classmates in and outside of school.   Her walking has improved greatly and we can participate in a lot of different activities with her. One of her favourite places is the Calgary Science Centre.  We have also started new communication strategies that has really opened a lot of doors in giving her the ability to choose different things and communicate more of her needs and wants.

As mentioned, we love to entertain and have even had quite a few of our dear friends from back home come out for a vacation. It has been a great experience to be able to show them the sights of the area, especially the  mountains which we can practically see from our back door. Given this environment and despite the cold winters, we spend a lot of time outdoors as a family – biking, running, skiing downhill and cross country, and lots of walking around.

Mike plays in a weekly men’s hockey league. Now that he is over 40 I think I can safely call it the older timer league and I can still be found lacing up my shoes and entering  into all the local running events. I also have an active yoga practice and even get Mike out to a class here and there.

Given how close we are to local transit and the flexibility we have with our schedules we have managed to go down to one car and one that accommodates Reilly’s wheelchair.  In the warmer months you can find ourselves enjoying various campsites and attractions both within Alberta and in BC.

I look forward to continuing to stay in touch with everyone and look forward to our future updates and visits with each other.


Juliana & family


One thought on “Letter to myself – Positive Affirmation

  1. Well done! I didn’t know that you aspire to have own yoga practice. Very cool and very dooable
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