The Dream of Life

Last November, I attended Mike Dooley’s Playing the  Matrix program at Kripalu. For those that don’t know anything about Mike Dooley, he is a big proponent of the concept Law of Attraction, where your ‘Thoughts become Things’. He is featured in the book ‘The Secret’ and has developed his own program to teach others how to manifest what you want in your life.

During the program breaks people were lined up to get Mike’s autograph and to take their photo with him.   I was trying not to judge them especially those ladies that were acting like school kids with a crush on a boy in their class and all vying for his attention.  As a result I felt silly to participate in the process and also started to make up excuses that I wasn’t made up (did a yoga class just prior to the last day of the program) but there was a little voice that kept telling me to step out of my comfort zone. I was here to learn more about how to lead a more fulfilling life and in doing so recognized that I would need to change some of my thought patterns and this one small act of taking a photo of Mike would be a reminder of the weekend and what it all represents. So here it is…

Mike Dooley and me (Juliana). Playing the Matrix at Kripalu, Nov 2012

Mike Dooley and me (Juliana). Playing the Matrix at Kripalu, Nov 2012

Having said that not everyone who lined up were part of this crazed fan club of his but sincere individuals looking to further enrich their life.  There is no question that this program energized me and I learned so much about myself and where I want to go and how to go about it but truthfully it feels as soon as I got back I got caught up in the middle of a tornado and only today can I stick out a leg and maybe part of an arm to reach for the other side that I want to be on.

In going through some notes I took during my time there I would like to share the following points:

  1. Define what you want in terms of the End Result.
  2. Take Action (you can’t simply sit on the couch passively and expect the Universe to deliver)
  3. Miracles of progress are usually invisible
  4. We must not insist on the specific details, how’s or people that might be involved in getting us to the End Result.
* The end result, in mind, forces the physical details – thoughts force circumstances, predisposing you to life’s so called accidents, coincidences and serendipities.
Here are some more interesting rules for playing the “Matrix”:
  1. Be self-serving – you can’t play the Matrix for others
  2. Ideally each furthers the journey and are not only the destination
  3. End results should make sense and feel good
  4. Should not depend on specific people or timelines
  5. Should usually not be the how other dreams will come true
  6. Keep them general

Random notes that are worth mentioning:

  • detach from the details – always leave the door open for something even better.
  • Do not insist upon the path, the players, or the details but upon the overall change you wish to experience which will summon the ideal path, players and details for you
  • The details are visualized to get you excited about the end results not to be the end results
  • There’s alway more than one right answer, path, possibility, nuance or answer
  • When you insist on the details, you exclude a virtually infinite number of better posssibilities
  • The more general your end results, the faster and easier they will manifest
  • Need to knock on many doors to give divine intervention more opportunities to connect with you

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